IKHWEZI Management and Training Institute

IKHWEZI Management and Training Institute

IKHWEZI Management and Training Institute is a highly focused, principle-based, Training Provider and Business Consultancy with a range of specialist services to increase our clients’ competitive advantage, through innovation and sustainability.

We support Black Economic Empowerment and are committed to serve, develop and uplift the people of our country and will work together to develop customised, targeted solutions which meet clients’ specific needs.

Organizations with cultures of high collaboration have high trust. High trust drives high performance. We work with companies that recognize the power of leveraging their people to solve business problems and deliver results.

Our services build excellence in collaboration, competence in strategic thinking and deep self-awareness. We deliver enterprise-wide consulting solutions, group development and training, and individual coaching support. We also customise our work based on the strategic objectives of our clients.  We help companies improve their performance, productivity, and bottom-line results. Our comprehensive initiatives are aligned with processes that are specifically and explicitly connected to the critical business issues that your organisation is facing. This allows your people to achieve their full potential and better align individual goals and competencies with organizational objectives. The results are measurable and lead to sustained improvements for your organisation. We believe that organisations are a product of their people – their engagement, drive, capabilities, capacity, resilience, adaptability and imagination. From our comprehensive suite of services, we work with clients to consult with them or execute the elements they need to fully meet their particular requirements and challenges. We help organisations achieve guaranteed results by motivating, energising and inspiring learners to help discover their passion and potential and develop skills, knowledge and behaviours that are readily and immediately transferable to the workplace.

Learning is changing and we continue to ensure that the experience is the very best it can be – our goal is to set and lead a new industry standard. We provide even more enhanced learning opportunities to our clients, as well as a totally new training environment to best support our overall delegate experience.

Solutions are configured around your organisation, to raise the performance of your people to address your business needs. Working with you from the earliest possible opportunity, we ensure your objectives are met in full and that the outcome has a sustained impact back in the workplace. We will design and deliver the solution that best fits your need, culture, values, learning style and way of working.

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