About Ikhwezi Training

IKHWEZI Management and Training Institute is a company that relies on the proven skills and experience of its directors and staff to take advantage of the growing need for Leadership and Development training, as well as the fundamental training required to position employees to be considered for management programmes. IKHWEZI will develop partnerships and maintain good stakeholder relationships to increase the number of learners who are adequately prepared to enter/advance in the workplace or to further their higher education opportunities.

The directors bring over three decades of Leadership and Development experience, mentoring and training expertise to the business, as the company is established as a high-quality Leadership and Development training service provider in the Nelson Mandela Metro, the Eastern Cape and South Africa.

Our training focuses on all levels of leadership and managerial training to equip current managers further and develop potential, through experiential-based training to provide leaders and entrepreneurs who can flourish in our richly diverse economy.

Ikhwezi Training and Management Institute can help you achieve your desired results by partnering with your organisation across a host of services, training and leadership development, communications solutions, corporate strategy, management consultancy, operations and quality management, business development and mentoring, all of which can help you define and achieve whatever success you have in mind for your business or organisation, and have sustainable impact on the bottom line.

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